Let's Learn About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For elementary students


Free unplugged lessons about AI and machine learning. Beginner-friendly for the teacher/parent and child. Available in 2 versions: online (Google Slides) and printables.

Escape the Den

We will start by playing a game! Help the robot navigate its way through a lions’ den. Learn about one of three types of machine learning called reinforcement learning.

Pattern Detective

Learn about pattern recognition, an essential concept in machine learning. Explore another type of machine learning, probably the type most widely used today, called supervised learning. This activity is taken from our online course Aly’s Adventures in AI.

Machine, Learn!

Learn how to train an AI by creating a simple machine learning model. A model helps the AI learn from data and remember it has learned from the data. This activity is taken from our online course Aly’s Adventures in AI.

Feel the Emotion

Learn how AI can be used in language. Analyze sentences from the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling and try to guess the emotions the words are conveying.

Animals Assemble

Learn about the final type of machine learning called unsupervised learning. Use it to sort animals into groups by finding the common traits that make each group unique.
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AI Made Simple

Bite-sized lessons about various topics in AI and machine learning. Freely downloadable.

Machine Learning

The branch of AI that has seen tremendous progress in recent times.

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Unsupervised Learning




Data is the reason why machine learning works!





Neural Networks

The neural network is a powerful and versatile type of machine learning.

Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)

Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)


Explore the various applications of AI in vision and language. 

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Part 1

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Part 2


Ethics we must keep true to as we build the next AI inventions!





Social Media


Aly's Adventures in AI

A fun introduction to AI & machine learning for elementary kids. Learn through video lessons, then complete puzzles, games and craft activities. Available in unplugged and online versions.

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Activities (Online / Printables)

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Explore the Topics

Learn more about the topics we cover in Aly’s Adventures in AI by downloading this guide.

Read the Comic

A comic version of Aly’s Adventures in AI! Read the first four parts free.


The Maze



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  • Part 1: Intro
  • Part 2: The Maze
  • Part 3: Data
  • Part 4: Sensors
  • Part 5: Patterns
  • Part 6: Learning
  • Part 7: Brains
  • Part 8: Nuts
  • Part 9: Data Everywhere
  • Part 10: Ethics
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