Let’s talk about machine learning. 

Today, it is the technique at the heart of Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to a McKinsey report, by 2030, AI will potentially deliver $13 trillion to the global economy, or 16% of the world’s current GDP. That’s massive!

What’s remarkable about AI is, it is used not just by scientists and engineers, but also by artists and designers. Pick any industry, tech or non-tech, and you will see AI being used.

That’s why it’s not a bad idea to help your child build confidence and competence in 21st-century tools like AI. This is the kind of area where exciting innovation and career opportunities will emerge. It will help your child become future-ready. 

In this PDF guide, you will learn about:

  • The 7 things about machines that make them intelligent.
  • How machines work very similarly to us humans (But don’t worry! There are so many other ways machines can’t replicate humans).
  • How your child can further explore machine learning in our online course, Aly’s Adventures in AI.

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