AI Experiments With My Kids: GPT-3 In Education

In the past few months, the internet has witnessed an impressive array of demos powered by GPT-3, the latest language model released by OpenAI. From writing fiction, to generating code, to summarizing legal text, to turning bullet points into full emails, just to name a few, GPT-3 is impressively versatile. So I thought of experimenting […]

7 Things About Machines That Make Them Intelligent

What makes the machine intelligent? What does it need to become intelligent? How is the machine similar, or different, from humans? Previous Next Download as PDF Click here to download the full PDF (long-form version)

How Does the Machine Know How to Write?

Ever wondered how does an AI know how to generate text, answer questions or do other impressive language tasks? Let’s look at Natural Language Processing (NLP), an AI field that has seen exciting progress in recent years. Previous Next Download as PDF

7 Things About Machines That Make Them Intelligent (Full version)

Let’s talk about machine learning.  Today, it is the technique at the heart of Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to a McKinsey report, by 2030, AI will potentially deliver $13 trillion to the global economy, or 16% of the world’s current GDP. That’s massive! What’s remarkable about AI is, it is used not just by scientists […]

Nuts About Data – The First Two Chapters

If you an educator or parent looking to get your feet wet with data science, machine learning and AI, consider getting this book 🙂 You can try the book by downloading the first two chapters for free. This is a book about how data science is changing the lives of a clan of squirrels, who […]

How Does the Machine Learn?

Have you heard of machine learning but not sure how to make sense of it? Let’s understand machine learning through a simple example of image classification. Previous Next Download as PDF