AI Made Simple

How Does the Machine Learn?

Have you heard of machine learning but not sure how to make sense of it? Let’s understand machine learning through a simple example of image

Can the Machine Be Biased?

Machine learning systems are prone to bias, coming from the data used to train them. This can cause many kinds of issues as the machine

What Is This Thing Called Data?

The last decade has seen a tremendous amount of data created, coming from new kinds of sources that never existed before. This abundance of data

How to Invent With AI Ethically?

AI is impacting the society at all levels. It is becoming increasingly influential in sensitive applications such as hiring, surveillance and financing, to name a

How Can the Drawings Look so Real?

The Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) is a type of neural network. While a typical neural network predicts, a GAN creates! One of its most common

How to Make a Machine That Sees?

The Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) is a type of neural network. It has many uses in machine learning, but it is particularly useful in tasks

How to Succeed Together in AI?

Success in AI very much depends on having two things: skilled talent and a huge amount of processing power. Because of this, as AI advances,

Why Must We Take Good Care of Data?

When designing AI applications, sometimes we might encounter data that are private and personal. So, be sure to respect and protect the privacy of these

How to Talk to the Machine?

Inventing with AI means needing to know how to talk to the machine, so we can give it instructions to build whatever we can imagine.

What Questions Can the Machine Answer?

Machine learning is powered by its algorithms. Algorithms extract patterns from data and make predictions or decisions based on these patterns. There are many types

Aly's Adventures in AI

An introduction to AI & data science for elementary kids (7-12 years) 🤖